When we hear about Asians, more often than not we would think of Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans since they are the ones that are most prominent Asians in the world. And a lot have fetishes over them because of their natural and simple beauty, light skin, small eyes and nose, and petite body that makes it ideal for men to engage in a romantic relationship with or sexual relationship. This has been dubbed as the “yellow fever” fetish wherein white men want to date Asian women. There has been an increase in Caucasian men that are on dating sites that perceives Asian women to be a desirable partner. Which is why there are red light districts in different countries and regions consisting of white men (and I mean this in a non-racist way) that have established bordellos that offer oriental escorts.

The fetish for asian

When it comes to selling sex, men are most likely to be the customers of it. If you take notice of the number of brothels in North Sydney that are around in an area that are spefically for men and compare it to the number of those for women, then you will probably agree with me on this one. Sex is something that people want and need and it is something that gives us pleasure beyond other forms of pleasure.

There is something different when it comes to an oriental babe that just makes them so desirable. When it comes to Asian countries with red light districts as part of their tourist attraction, you would most likely see white men enter it or that are already in it. And some other non-asian countries with red light districts have already established an escorts Crows Nest that can be easily accessible and not having to go to another country, this is because they know that asian women escorts are in demand in that area. I am Asian which means majority of my friends are Asian as well, and we have all fantasized about Asian women, too. There is just really something about them that makes the population of men tremble, get them enticed, and desire over them.

An immense pleasure

Pleasure from sex heightens whenever we experience our fantasies in real life, this is because having sex and doing all the things that you fantasize about brings in the fun and excitement. And our fantasies are composed of what derives a strong arousal from something which can be not arousing to others, it is basically relative. It is something that instantaneously turns any person on that brings in this desire to have and feel pleasure which we get that a lot without noticing it right away.

No matter how we perceive sex and the fetishes that entices us to engage into it, at the end of the activity, we get pleasure. Whether it be Asian, European, South American, Caucasian, etc., it is really the same, but the feeling of pleasure that we get from our fantasies helps in boosting the pleasure.